The artwork for our album BRUSH YOUR TEETH was created by the Munich based artist Klaus Erich Dietl. He is also the director and editor of our music videos. He has done great work. For each of our songs he painted an unique picture card. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Good Is The Devil's Definition of CapitalismYou Could Be A Model GoodbyePapershipConfessions Of A Talkative VampireJelousy Is A LuxuryEvil XeroxDianeTerror Of The DistrictIsolde's Very Insightful Views On Going To Work And SuicideIf You Disagree, Just AskPonykillerpieHell Must Be A Radio StationStill Not ImpressedSniff SquiffMathilda's Last SummerFairytale EndingDarth VaderEveryday Is Your BirthdayThank YouTitle